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Traffic Bridge
Кем разработано:Jiachen Jiang, Bofan Di, Zirui Tao, Yipeng Wu, Ziang Wang,
По заказу:Changsha University of Science and Technology
Страна :Китай

When a traffic accident occurs on a highway, it often causes traffic jams.In general, we can only wait for the traffic police's order to clear the channel.Although there are traffic police orders, but the efficiency is very low, it is difficult to restore traffic in a short time.Therefore, traffic accident rescue vehicles are designed to address the above issues.After the accident, the accident site was reached through the emergency channel, and an automatic folding suspension bridge was set up at the accident site.As a temporary road, traffic jams can be alleviated through the accident scene. The rescue vehicle arrives at the accident site through the emergency channel, and sets the automatic folding suspension bridge on the site as the temporary road, the bridge plate automatically expands and expands, through the hydraulic column support, safe and efficient.