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Water rescue uav based on 5G technology
Кем разработано:Bofan Di,Zirui Tao,Jiachen Jiang, Ziang Wang, Yipeng Wu
По заказу:Changsha University of Science and Technology
Страна :Китай

SUCCOR is based on the 5 g technology under water rescue uav design, adopting automatic uav transformation of the mode of lifeboat and the innovation of the wing of the adopted 90 ° rotating motor and front sensors and cameras, on either side of the fuselage with laser radar sensor used for navigation and researchers note, on the transmission and transport relief goods, rescue and improve the speed. With the help of 5G technology, the rescue efficiency of drones can be improved by about 40% through the Internet of things. It can also be used in large cruise ships to complete water rescue.