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Folding Window Pattern
Кем разработано:Lilin Jiao
По заказу:Lilin Jiao
Страна :Китай

The whole stool inspired by eastern traditional window pattern. With its unusual nesting pattern, the Folding Window Pattern Stool packs two stools (or side-tables based on how people look at it) into a single form.Designed to be able to be docked either way, the stool comes in two parts, featuring a positive-negative interlocking detail that’s as beautiful to look at as it is functional. Featuring four L-shaped positive and negative details that plug into each other perfectly, the Stool can nest one above the other, or kept separately (with the details turning into four legs as a result), or the stools can even be placed in an ‘ I ’ shaped format with one stool nested upside down, to create a stable side-table that you can use any way you see fit. The two stools/tables also create a contrast by using dark and light woods, giving people an overall product that sparks curiosity and is sure to get people to engage with it at home.