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"Eve Glider" the coffee table
Кем разработано:Nikolay Vladykin
По заказу:Kai Ross Design
Страна :Россия

The inconvenience of using coffee tables of traditional forms forced me to search for a better design. Studying various samples of untransformable coffee tables on the Internet, I discovered that most of them had only one practical function, they were used as stands for tableware. You needed to bend over to take something or put. They were not comfortable for sitting or lifting. Side tables, for example, solved the problem of reach, but they were inconvenient to use a laptop, had a small working area and could not be used for footrest. The universal solution has become the Eve Glider. The challenge was to invent a coffee table anew. It should have been multifunctional, comfortable, minimalistic, lightweight, contemporary, exquisite, inspiring. All these diverse requirements had to be embodied into one new unique and solid form. The Eve Glider was inspired by the soaring romance of the aircraft wings, the fascinating smoothness of the stingray shape and the unswerving and straightforward stability of boat keels.