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Кем разработано:Bartolomeus Capetillo
По заказу:Bartolomeus Design AB
Страна :Швеция

The Tanaqad is a versatile and warming family of lamps by Bartolomeus Capetillo. It is the result of looking at history with wonder at the same time as trying to apply it to our modern world. Thanks to its blown satin opal glass diffuser that covers the entireity of the lamp Tanaqad fits perfect in moist environments; such as Spa and spa lounges, yoga studios, dojos. Because of its harmonic soft light and the intriguing shape it fits as well in hotel lobbies and on the bedside table. Its source is a retrofitted LED bulb G9 or E27, and comes in two sizes: 50x35 and 20x14 cm as well as with a pedestal of 160 cm.