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ST_OIL (Smart Tanker)
Кем разработано:Huang,Ya-Yun/Chen,Nai-Xuan
По заказу: Li,Kai-Chu
Страна :Тайвань (Китай)

Oil spills occur when an offshore oil rig experiences an accident or a cargo ship capsizes. Once the oil is spilled over the surface of ocean, it is not only a disaster for marine environment, but also devastating once the spilled oil is absorbed by marine creatures and finds its way into the food chain. The ST_OIL is an intelligent spill removal fleet with its associated management system built around the idea of a fleet of mother vessel and several smaller vessels called the children. In an event of offshore oil spill, the ST_OIL mother vessel carries her children and rushes to the site. On arrival, the children are detached for operation. The highly mobile child vessels circle around the spill for containment while the absorbent materials on the bottom of these vessels remove the spill from the surface. Once a child vessel is filled, it runs back to the mother and attaches to it in order to transfer the collected oil to the large tanks in the mother vessel for greater efficiency of oil removal and reduced size of marine pollution. Both the mother and children are equipped with LIDAR and visual sensors for better identification of the boundaries and range of oil spill, allowing for efficient containment by child vessels.