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Golden Cudgel-Rescue equipment for drowning
Кем разработано:Xue Song;Ma Xiaoyi
По заказу:North China University Of Technology
Страна :Китай

This is a public drowning life-saving pile, placed on the shore, as the shore fence, for sudden drowning events, non-professional rescue drowning, you can save at the same time, to ensure their own safety. Everyone can save others. Rescue equipment placed in the lake fence, when you need to use it, just crushing the top glass and removing the equipment.. While in the water, closing to the drowning, and pressing the inflatable button, so that the rescuers can keep a certain distance to help drowning, in order to prevent drowning to grip the rescuers because of tension and clinging ,which resulting in drowning with double. If the rescuers feel tired, you can also open the switch to inflate to the equipment, in order to ensure their own lives safe. The volume of equipment is very small when out of inflating, so it is easy to carry into the water and solve the problem of existing life buoy can not dive into the water. When the rescuers find the drowning underwater, or they are exhausted underwater, they can press the inflatable button to float on the surface, thus ensuring that the rescuer himself is safe.