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Put Lock
Кем разработано:Ma Xiaoyi;Xue Song
По заказу:North China University Of Technology
Страна :Китай

We usually carry small items which are always in the pocket, and when we squat or pants off, these small items are easy to fall, and thus damaged or contaminated. There are some ways to solve such problems, such as holding, putting on the ground and ect.But these methods will have many limitations, such as the ground stains, or forget to take away. Put Lock, a good solution to solve this problem, not only providing places to place items,but also reminding you when you take them away. The surface design of the Put Lock ensures that the item does not fall, that is, something that is slightly larger or is easy to roll. At the same time, the surface design for the cleaning staff to facilitate the cleaning, the use of cloth can easily make it clean.