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The international contest of the industrial design INDUSTART starts.
More than 55 participating countries, 7 nominations, 21 sub-nominations.

INDUSTART – is the only awards in the world whose prominent jury will impartially and adequately determine the value of your even unrealized project-concept in the terms of both the art of design and the industrial potential of the objects!

INDUSTART – is an integrated approach that allows step-by-step and on a large-scale to motivate and to streamline Ukrainian design environment as a part of the world design community. INDUSTART Awards includes the awards itself and annual events within the framework of the contest both in Ukraine and abroad.

INDUSTART – is a unique event that gives a promising start in various fields of activity: design, contemporary art, modern technologies and business. This is an opportunity to prove yourself and your talent, to present an author product and achieve your creative ambitions, to satisfy the hunger of contemporaries for the beauty and harmony of objective reality created by the human mind.

Available Contest nominations:   
1. Furniture design
2. Equipment design
3. Lighting design
4. Computer equipment and consumer electronics design
5. Transport design
6. Interior decor design
7. Design of jewelry and accessories.

In each nomination we will consider separately projects that have been realized, design concepts and student works.

The awards entries will be evaluated by prominent international* – designers, architects, art directors, chief editors of profile publications and other industry professionals.  Your projects can be submitted in electronic format in the form of sketches (3D projects, sketches, schemes, etc.) with a description. * (The international jury is currently in the process of formation) 


*Registration fee for students of higher and secondary educational institutions (without VAT). 
**If you wish to submit multiple entries, the payment is charged for each subsequent operation.

Register for the Awards on the official website www.industart.org.


Contest works’ submitting – until November 30, 2018.



The winner AWARD INDUSTART is awarded in each nomination.

The winner of the first place of the INDUSTART Awards will receive a prize: 2000 EUR.

SCHOLARSHIP FOR LEARNING IN IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)
The scolarship prize of the INDUSTART Awards is provided by our partner IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), founded in 1966. Tens of thousands of professionals of the fashion and design industry graduated from this university, their names are heard and known in haute couture shows, prestigious exhibitions and in the windows of the most fashionable boutiques. 

The designer watches project ZAVOD gives the winner of the Industart awards with a symbolic and special gift - the Ukrainian designer watch RIDER1991! Design-concept of the watch RIDER1991 is a collaboration project of watchmakers of ZAVOD and designers of the Ukrainian design studio GM design group, this design-concept won the Industart awards in 2015.Follow us INDUSTART on Facebook


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    Registrations Open:
    3 September, 2018

    Registrations Close:
    30 November, 2018
  • 2


    Jury Session:
    15  Desember - 15 January, 2019 

    Calculation results
    of the voting protocols:

    16 January - 31 January. 2019
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    Оpening of the exhibition INDUSTART.
    Cocktail Evening
    February 2019

    Оpening of the Festival INDUSTART.
    February 2019

    INDUSTART Awards Gala Night.
    February 2019

    INDUSTART Forum.
    February 2019

    Close Festival INDUSTART.
    February 2019


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    Before signing up, please review the nonimation categories and its criteria. You can check your works using the preview application on INDASTART website. 
  • 2


    Fill in the registration form to submit your entry. Please, refer to the judging criteria outlining the key features and benefits of your entry.
  • 3


    You can upload up to 8 images and provide a Vimeo or YouTube link to support your entry. Uploaded images must be in JPEG or PNG format, a minimum of 1200 pixels wide and not larger than 3MB.
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    Registration fee

  • Entry fee - 80* EUR (exc VAT). Entry fee for students of higher and secondary education institutions 40* EUR (exc VAT).
    *Registration fee only for strictly classification period.


  • 1The experts and students of higher and secondary education institutions aged 18 - 50 are invited to participation in the Contest
  • 2The Contest Participants have to present their works within specified time limits for works submission - from 3 September to 30 of November, 2018.
  • 3Application for participation in the Contest are received only on the contest site www.industart.org
  • 4The contest work is registered for participation only after the Registration fee will be paid by the Contest participant. The Registration fee should be made only on the Contest site www.industart.org 80 EUR (exc VAT). Entry fee for students of higher and secondary education institutions 40 EUR (exc VAT)
  • 5"Each contestant has a right to present the work in every selected nomination, several nominations are possible to choose at the same time, but one work can participate only in one nomination. The obligatory requirement to the contest works - the works must be authorial, original and created over the past two years. The quantity of works from one author or group of coauthors is not limited
  • 6Application for participation considers the agreement of the Contest participant with the given Rules of his/her behavior, described in Rules for Participation.