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Shelf collection "TRAP"
Designed By:Artem Zakharchenko
Commissioned by:Artem Zakharchenko
Country by:Ukraine

Rack collection "TRAP" "make it easy to find your things with storage solution". Rack “TRAP” is a versatile system with swivel 90° on the rods, fixed to the wall. This allows you to change the space. "I love making choices as much as I love changing them" It finds its location in entranceway, halls and corridors, but also in living room and bathroom. Variant of rack "square 3x3" is convenient for use at the entrance of the living area for the keys and other things. Those elements are available on different dimensions and configuration. Possibility to have them in wood oak, gray stained oak or painted plastic. Materials : Metal rods + wood\plastic - rotatable area. Variants of rack "TRAP" : circular; triangular; diamond; square 6x6; square 4x4; square 3x3.