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Designed By:Roman Geviuk
Commissioned by:GM stand design
Country by:Ukraine

This armchair named “HERO” has been inspired by the cooperation with GoPro, it was designed specially for their exhibition stand. The inclined lines don’t only express the dynamic nature of the armchair, they also indicate the direction for the movement, for the development, for constant growth and for achieving excellence. It’s intended for people who are constantly in motion, who can’t afford to waste another minute not achieving their goals. Though this armchair is very ergonomic and comfortable, it motivates you to get up and move as soon as your inner powers are replenished - sort of a recharger for real life heroes. So, the portrait of the hypothetical armchair user coincides with the typical GoPro client - the adventurer, the active explorer, the extreme sports lover. Materials: black leather, black metal. Dimensions: W: 100; H: 82; L: 110.