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Designed By:Stanislav Boichuk
Commissioned by:Stanislav Boichuk
Country by:Ukraine

And the blade of the grass is worthy of the great world where it grows. (Rabindranath Tagore). Plant motifs have always been a powerful source of inspiration for designers and architects. The researchers believe that the plants are endowed with feelings, intelligence, have memory, sense of time, can distinguish colors and communicate or warn each other. They are able to recognize the threat, tremble with fear, and can call for help; able to interact with each other and other living things in the distance, as well as distinguish the mood and intentions of people; One of the most important organs for plant life is the stem. It connects the roots and leaves, and the water moves along it. In most plants, the stems are erect and located above the ground. The most common shape is cylindrical. One of the main functions of the stem is to support and uplift the leaves, flowers, and fruit. It serves as a mechanical support. This is how the idea to create a steblo hanger was born, which in fact is also a support for clothes. The hanger is made of wood and consists of an elongated shoot supported by solid foundation similar to the plant roots. At the same time, the foundation does not leave the hanger static, but allows it to fluctuate slightly.