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The Old Chap
Designed By:Lyuda Skrynnykova, Pavel Garadzha
Commissioned by:no
Country by:Ukraine

THE OLD CHAP is inspired by the typical elements of children’s playground during the times of the former USSR. These are usually welded metal constructions repainted over and over by employees of public utilities according to their own color preferences and taste. Expressive and weird forms of the object can be less and less encountered in a modern city. They now represent artifacts of the urban culture that is gradually submerging into the past. THE OLD CHAP was created as an attempt to highlight that this recent memory deserves as much attention as the earlier images distinctive for various periods and cultures. In this case the street form converting into design object becomes a transmitter of certain image and style of thinking, certain values. It encourages to look through a broader lens, notice beauty and meanings in controversial matters, contemplate more attentively today’s world elements which might as well soon become history.