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Designed By:Maria Bramasole
Commissioned by:Maria Bramasole
Country by:Austria

OM-Zero is compact, multipurpose, portable and comfortable piece of furniture whose elegant and modern design can fit into any environment, interior, as well as owner’s outfit. It is designed to be easily carried by single person in form of a messenger bag. Products’ main use configurations are Single Person Bed or Back Supported Lounge Chair with holders for drink, which can be transformed in a form for transport. Mobility, flexibility of use and comfortable experience are most important advantages that create synergetic value that was never offered before with any comparable product. Coupled with compact form factor and appealing design it distinguishes itself easily. OM-Zero is aimed for the population of people who don’t wish to be burdened or rooted by their household items. In the time when younger generations strive to live conforming to mobile or nomadic style of daily life, this product can give them opportunity to fully exercise desired style of living.