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Designed By:sKY_Associative | Kane Yanagawa. Echo Chen
Commissioned by:The Place Hotel
Country by:Taiwan, Province of China

The design concept for the Ambiance lighting element came about through the desire to combine a modular pendant lamp system developed and prototyped by Chimei | Nexgen into a single lighting fixture with interactive lighting effects supported by the Phillips 3 bulb HUE. To address the interaction of the 3 lighting sources and the merging of the lamp shade geometry, vector field analysis was used to generate the initial concept diagram to describe the movement and directionality of light from each source. The resulting vector field was then used to develop the merging lampshade and expressed as rays bursting from each bulb with each ray characteristically responding to all three light sources, creating a seamless, intersection free system. The Ambiance bench came about through the desire to reconsider the heat forming fabrication process of the lamp, and play off the idea of reuse and re-appropriation. To understand visually the relationship between the lamp and bench, the part and mold bring to mind thoughts of process, history, and memory, which are built into the parametric design tool in which the project was developed. The addition of the Ambiance bench grounded the lamp and helped to define a zone of influence as well as provide a platform from which the user could comfortably interact with the design.