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Designed By:Stanislav Boichuk/Ulyana Zachkevych
Commissioned by:MZPA
Country by:Ukraine

The authors of hanger “Hilka“ Ulyana Zachkevych and Stanislav Boichuk decided to create a form which would have been the complementary element in the interior. The combination of materials, function, aesthetics – were the key aspects. Be inspired by floral motifs, the authors tried to simplify them and provide style which would be multifaceted. The concept of the hanger is a combination of two basic materials: metal and wood. Also, the mobility was emphasized. Main element of the hanger is sticks, which at the end are branching into three parts, creating additional space for hanging clothing. It could be easily moved, removed , added, adjust to your needs. We have created such a model to transform the perception: combination the mobility with aesthetics.