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Designed By:Naida Iljazovic
Commissioned by:usVers
Country by:Switzerland

The idea of using old books to make furniture came about when I attempted to find a material that is both recycled and recyclable. As such, the book is transformed from its conventional purpose to a raw building material that is in its material qualities similar to timber. The design was developed to highlight the books. The additional, supporting elements are kept to a minimum. The legs are designed so that the stool can be picked up with ease. The stool can be expanded into a bench if a longer rod is provided. The book stool is made with recycled OSB (oriented strand board) and discarded books.The main materials are thus timber and a timber product. Most people own books they are unlikely to read again and yet are unwilling to part with for nostalgic or decorative reasons. With this kit of parts, those books can be transformed into a highly personalized piece of furniture.The individual parts can be flat-packed and therefore shipped easily and cheaply. The books can be sourced locally to minimize shipment volume and cost.The tools used to prepare and assemble the stool are commonly available and simple to operate.