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M Dresser
Designed By:Mariia Glazunova
Commissioned by:-
Country by:Ukraine

M Dresser - is a functional piece of art inspirited by mesh panels used for hanging up tools, Scandinavian furnishings from the 1950s and Ukrainian traditional cross-stitch. Clean lines and functionality have always been two driving factors for me. And when I designed M Dresser, I «played» imagining that a piece of furniture could have simple shape but, at the same time, arouse emotions that you feel standing in front of a piece of art in a gallery. With clean lines and artistic expression, the M Dresser can be part of consistent design language or a standalone object. It is ready for any use: a sideboard in a living room, kitchen or entrance hall, a dresser in an office or bedroom... This dresser features 2 doors. Inside, a wooden shelf runs the full length of the piece, providing you with a huge storage space. Natural cherry wood, perforated steel, handmade embroidery with merino wool, trendy floral pattern and refined brass decor- M Dresser has everything to please you!